IAAD presents the best graduated for academic year 2016-2017

Matteo Baracco
Bachelor in Communication design 2017
Top Graduated Student 2017

Matteo Baracco has been awarded with the title of Top Graduated Student 2017 (tied with Melissa Silvi). Matteo’s individual thesis project was born from collaboration with “Rumore”, an historic music magazine founded in 1992 by Claudio Sorge. The goal was to make a graphic and conceptual restyling of the magazine, making it more readable and accessible to a wider target. The project was born from the encounter of a technical structure and the combination of languages, such as music and genres, textual content, graphics, typography, visual art and visual arts. The idea was to treat the magazine as a single piece, just like a piece of music, which is composed of a solid structure and various components that determine its personality.


Melissa Silvi
Bachelor in Textile & Fashion design 2017
Top Graduated Student 2017

Melissa Silvi has been awarded with the title of Top Graduated Student 2017 (tied with Matteo Baracco). Melissa’s individual thesis project was born in collaboration with the fashion brand serien°umerica. The collection, named “Through the Mirror”, aims to be able to illustrate, through images, words and fashion products, the story of an evolution, from childhood to adulthood. Fashion has the power to communicate with the same effectiveness of language. In order to test and demonstrate this ability, she chose to recount a common theme to all human beings. The fashion product is made and communicated through images and texts in order to present the story of a life: from childhood to adulthood through 5 outfits capable of scanning the stages of personality creation. The mirror as a physical object is one of the tools of discovery and self-knowledge. The mirror is also associated with the concept of vanity and frivolousness, just like fashion.