IAAD presents the best graduated for academic year 2015-2016

Davide Dutto
Bachelor in Communication design 2016
Top Graduated Student 2016

Davide Dutto has been awarded with the title of Top Graduated Student 2016 (tied with Alex Borzaga) for having achieved the highest vote in the dissertation, with the highest number of reports for the praise, in addition to the highest three-year average quotation. He is also the Top Graduated for the Department of Communication and graphic design.
This recognition is not only mathematical, but also for worth:this year Davide has realized the promotional video for Torino UNESCO Creative City, selected among the proposals of the other universities in Turin. David presented an individual thesis in collaboration with Edizioni Sonda, a small publishing house in Casale Monferrato. The project is a series of books, a small encyclopedia, a form, an invitation to discovery. For who is it? For kids, those already grown-ups, around ten years old, who have so many questions in their heads that mom and dad no longer know how to respond. The aim of the project is to make the series a companion capable of nurturing curiosity and the pleasure of discovery. The idea of ​​Sonda is to produce an economic series entitled The Books of Wonder that collects questions and answers on the most dear to kids topics: animals, nature, urban legends, sexuality and many others. The idea of ​​Davide is to make everything as beautiful as possible, working on the constituent elements of the book: the paper, the typography, the cage and the illustrations.
Davide also presented the group thesis in collaboration with Unione Industriale, designing the new corporate image of MESAP, Pole of Mechatronics.

Alex Borzaga
Bachelor in Product design 2016
Top Graduated Student 2016


Alex Borzaga is (tied with Davide Dutto) Top Gradauted Student 2016, besides being Top Graduated for the Department of Product Design. Alex developed the project of individual thesis with Ferrino, proposing Total Air System, a backpack designed to maximize the evaporation of sweat from the back. The backpack is presented not as a single product, but as a system-product, that has been studied through the differentiation of the two main functions of the backpack: bag module to module back. This clear division of functions has allowed to develop the components of the belt and the shoulder straps so that they can respond better to the brief through a quick coupling system to the pack. The innovative component of the product lies in the separation of functions, together with the use of materials chosen for their technical characteristics in relation with the sweat.
Alex also presented the group thesis in collaboration with Elica, with a project for an innovative and environmentally friendly extractor hood.