In 2012, IAAD and AD Education – French leader among the private institutes of arts and design – start an important and strategic partnership.
Between Turin and Paris, is born the first European centre for design. Thanks to this unique partnership, these two institutes starts many educational project in common, with a new dimension and a European importance. The courses are open to the students of both the university.

Today, the group counts more than 8,600 students, 600 teachers, 23 premises including 21 in France (Paris, Lyons, Nancy, Nice, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Marseilles) and 2 in Italy (Turin and Bologna). A system that gives to students a training plan composed of over 40 majors of study between Bachelors and Masters Degrees, from automotive design to fashion, from fragrance to restoration, up to business management of art. Within AD Education the new courses integrates Italian language and culture of Italian design, refining the education plan of the Bachelors and Master Courses in Design and Graphic Arts (interior design, product design, fashion design and graphic design).

The Paris’ campus is situated in the city center, close to the Tour Eiffel and to the UNESCO, in a building of 6.3000 square meters, dedicated to design, graphic arts, photography, arts and restoration.
The building is in rue Cambronne and it was completely renovated in 2014.

The campus also houses the École Supérieure du Parfum, a member of AD Education. The perfume industry is a complex industry, punctuated by the creative process, by the extreme accuracy of production and the challenges of marketing in a global context. In this area, it’s not only needed to dominate the specialization, it is also essential to know the constraints that apply to the entire supply chain. The school opened in 2011, fueled by the idea of developing soft skills, with a strong desire to invest in the research and experimentation, offering training that will allow young professionals to master the process of creating the fragrance, no matter from the constraints of production, safety, sales and marketing.