To say that the trade of communications is in continual evolution is not just a figure of speech. If we compare the structure of an advertising agency a few years ago with a current one, as well as the professional figures and the type of work produced, the difference is striking. The rate of change in communications is so rapid and insistent that it can be disorienting. The proliferation of touchpoints and channels with which we can reach the public today is exponential.

The term “communicate” has become a limiting factor in a world in which relationships, the ability to listen and engagement are the most effective ways to influence opinions and behaviors. This is a context that offers countless opportunities for those prepared to meet these challenges. At the same time, the skills required to communicate, especially in the area of advertising, are constantly multiplying beyond traditional classifications.

These considerations are the inspiration for this master course: a training path directly dictated by the needs of the current market, one relying on the experience of those who work daily in a renowned agency and are used to moving in this context – but which at the same time time is a form of orientation that aims to reaffirm, rediscover and re-adapt the fundamental principles guiding communication and which represent an indispensable anchorage point when the flow of change is so overwhelming.

In order to create this hybrid between a theoretical master course and an active laboratory, IAAD has developed a partnership with DDB Group Italia, one of the world’s leading actors in the field of communication.

DDB Group Italia: The DDB Italia was born in 2011, growing out of the merger between DDB Group – one of the most important and award-winning global networks, with a strong and decades-long presence in Italy – and SaffirioTortelliVigoriti, one of the county’s most dynamic, widely recognized and creative entrepreneurial agencies. Two realities that chose one another in order create a new firm able to offer a unique mix of global vision and local expertise as well as a set of skills able to respond to all the most current communications needs of the business world.

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The master course aims to create professional figures in communications and more specifically in advertising, well-prepared for today’s working environment. The structure of the course is designed to provide participants with advanced theoretical training combined with a direct experience of agency work.  Students will bring their knowledge and tools to a higher level by working with real briefs from the client companies of a leading communications agency, facing the complexity and timing that simulate real-world working conditions. For each section, we will try to begin with the analysis of virtuous examples and theoretical guidelines, and then apply them with practical exercises to better understand the specific dynamics of each of the areas addressed. Focusing more on the content, on the flows, on the narrative, rather than on the form, the course is not instead intended to deepen knowledge in exquisitely technical fields.

The topics of the course are based on the recent experience of those who work in an agency and derived from the current and concrete demands of customers. A theoretical grounding, therefore, that derives from practice and that must be reflected in a practical exercise. This is a formula that can only be achieved through a true collaboration between the world of work and that of high-level training.



Aurelio Tortelli

Aurelio Tortelli, a Board Member and Talent Manager of DDB Group Italia, began his creative career as a copywriter in 1990 after winning a competition appearing in the daily La Stampa on behalf of the advertising agency BGS (today Leo Burnett). He became Creative Director in 1996. In 2004 he began his entrepreneurial venture, founding in Turin, together with two partners, the agency Saffirio Tortelli Vigoriti of which he was Executive Creative Director and CEO. After just four years of activity the agency ranked among the top ten in the Italian market by turnover. In 2011 it became part of the DDB international communication network as a unified structure called stv DDB (with offices in Milan, Rome and Turin). Here Tortelli covered the roles of CEO and Executive Creative Director before becoming, after the creation of the DDB Group Italia, Chairman of the company. In 2018 he assumed the role of Talent Manager, with the aim of operating in the field of training and talent scouting. Over the 28 years of his career, he has won numerous awards and has created countless campaigns for some of the most important national and international brands, including Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Volkswagen, Intesa Sanpaolo, Telecom Italia, Seat Pagine Gialle, Ferrero, Coca-Cola, Alpitour, Reale Mutua Assicurazioni, Mediaset Premium, Sisal, RCS MediaGroup, La Stampa, Juventus FC, De Cecco, Negroni, Saiwa, Invicta and Grandivision.


// seat: Turin
// duration: 400 hours – 9 months (November 2019-July 2020)
// language: Italian

Full time course (lectures, workshops and individual study) with compulsory attendance from Monday through Friday (some lessons and field trips may be held on weekends).
The course is structured in six different areas/disciplines, each of which provides both a theoretical side and practical application with the development of briefs under creative direction. Each discipline is also introduced by several visiting professors who will participate in the Master’s program together with special guests from the worlds of communications, production, marketing, cinema and social networks. During the course there will be briefing and reviewing sessions at DDB Turin and DDB Milan.
Every edition of the Master includes the preparation of a thesis in collaboration with a company from the sector. The project path starts with a briefing with the company, followed by intermediate presentations and feedback from company referents, ending then with the final Thesis presentation.


The Master program is open to graduate and postgraduate students in Computer Science, Economy, Humanities, Communication Sciences, Liberal Arts, Educational Sciences, as well as professionals seeking a specialization in new media. Admission depends on the evaluation of the candidacy, which will have to be presented thorough a cover letter explaining the candidate’s interest, a curriculum vitae and, if possible, a work portfolio. IAAD reserves the right to ask the candidate, when deemed necessary, to undertake a additional interview at the head office or via Skype.

Access to the Master course is possible only with the authorization of the Coordinator based on an evaluation of past academic results, professional curriculum and portfolio.

Applications to contain these documents:
– Curriculum Vitae
– Cover letter explaining the student’s motivation
– Portfolio (not mandatory)

The Master Coordinator, assisted by an academic board, will evaluate the candidacies received. Once again, IAAD reserves the right to conduct, as necessary, a personal interview at the head office or via Skype. The result of the application will be communicated by the Career Guidance Office to each candidate.

IAAD makes available five scholarships to be assigned to candidates based on an evaluation of their past studies, work experience and portfolio.

The available scholarships are:
// 1 for 100% of the tuition fee
// 2 for 50% of the tuition fee
// 2 for 20% of the tuition fee

Scholarships will be awarded according to criteria of merit by a board selected from the Direction together with the Master Program Coordinator.

The following elements will be specifically evaluated:
– Cover letter explaining the student’s motivation
– Degrees awarded and work experience
– Personal portfolio (not mandatory)

Candidates who pass pre-selection will be invited for an interview at the head office or via Skype. In case of tied candidates, IAAD may choose to divide the assigned scholarship. Applications may be sent by e-mail to or by traditional mail to Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design, Via Pisa 5/d, 10152 Torino – Italy.

For further information on master course content, teaching staff and scholarships, please contact the Career Guidance Office:
+39 011 54 88 68