Laura Milani is the new Chairman of the Museo Nazionale del Cinema of Turin, considered a key institution of Piedmont’s capital as well as one of the most important cinema museums in the world thanks to its vast collection and the many different scientific and educational activities it carries out.

The IAAD Director was unanimously elected during the session of the Collegio dei Fondatori, the Founders Board, held in the presence of the representatives of Municipal and Regional Institutions.

 “Representing one of the emblems of one’s own city is an important task that we do not always have the pleasure to fulfill in our lives. –  Milani said – Cinema is an Italian cultural excellence that opens new challenges, bringing with it a horizontal vision in which perspective expands by mingling and cross-pollinating art, photography, design, architecture, music, writing… creating new systems and new projects.”

 “I’ll put my experience in creative management and the values IAAD’s CEO requires at the service of the Museum: bringing an approach combining openness, a willingness to listen and to reflect, knowledge, learning and experimentation to build a depth that refuses homologation and favors uniqueness, diversity, creativity, sensitivity, intelligence and professionalism, all in order to serve society and its ever-evolving needs.”

“I think that in order to be good designers, as well as to be a good Chairman of the Museo del Cinema, we all need to listen to the world, engaging in a rich and ongoing dialogue. Only in this way will it be possible to grasp the many opportunities that the context continually offers us.”