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IAAD the Italian University for Design is pleased to invite you to participate at Turin Fashion Design Week, an event organized by IAAD in collaboration with Fondazione Pistoletto within the initiative Torino Design of the City.

Turin Fashion Design Week is organized by IAAD and Fondazione Pistoletto and will be the only fashion-focused event to take place during the WDO General Assembly, an expression of the city’s welcome dedicated to fashion, design and art with an international reach for more than 100 representatives from around the world.

An event based on cultural cross-pollination and renewal, where fashion and design blend to create catwalk performances that revise conceptual models through the attribution of new formulas and formats. The event focuses on re-interpreting the relationship between fashion, design and art.

The dominant theme of the event is RE-EVOLUTION:

  • re-think: Re-elaborate fashion canons through collections with a strong conceptual connotation, where fashion and design merge to create real artistic performances
  • re-shape: Revise shapes and proportions, elaborating collections redesigned through new conceptual models
  • re-live: Recapture and recycling discarded fabrics, giving a second life to textiles
  • re-handmake: Recombine varied raw materials in innovative knitwear applications
  • re-new: Renovate conceptual models by assigning new meanings to conventional style elements
  • re-create: Recreate by designing fashion collections as an expression of intellectual regeneration



Friday, October 13, 2017
at Ex Borsa Valori, Turin – 7:00 PM
Prominent Designers Fashion show – This event includes the presentation of 10 different collections. Ten among the best known Prominent Designers in the Italian and International scene will each bring to the catwalks outfits recalling the dominant theme of the event: “RE-EVOLUTION”. The designers have been invited to present collections with a strong aesthetic and conceptual connotation, focusing on re-interpreting the relationship between fashion, design and art.


Saturday, October 14, 2017
at Cittadellarte, Biella – 11:00 AM
Performance Upcoming Designers – In the splendid setting of the Cittadellarte of Biella, designers, artists and creators of many origins and nationalities have been invited to present collections and projects inspired by the concept of “Social Impact Fashion”. Fashion and design will merge in order to present not just a simple fashion show, but to show through installations, performances, ideas, processes and collections how the beauty industry can be an engine for the regeneration and redesign of contemporary society. The projects selected will appear within an itinerary of installations citing the important global brands, supranational institutions and social enterprises for which they have been executed.