That communication is a reality in continuous evolution is not just a simple cliché. Beyond that, the term “communicate” has become a sharp limit in a world where relationships, the ability to listen and engagement are the most effective ways to influence opinions and behaviors. This is a context that offers countless opportunities and where the skills required are constantly multiplying beyond traditional classifications.

Starting from these considerations, IAAD has created DDlaB – Master in Advertising Communication, a training path that – from November 2018 – will respond to the needs of the current market, relying on the experience of those who work daily in a renowned agency and are used to moving in this context. This is not just a Master’s degree, but a guidance path that aims to reaffirm, rediscover and re-adapt the fundamental principles ruling communication and that represent an indispensable anchorage point when the flow of change is so overwhelming.

In order to create this hybrid between a theoretical master course and an active laboratory, IAAD has developed a partnership with DDB Group Italiaone of the world’s leading actors in the field of communication, choosing as coordinator a top-class professional of the caliber of Aurelio Tortelli, Board Member and Talent Manager of DDB Group Italia, as well as the author of numerous campaigns on behalf of the most famous national and international brands.

“Anyone who works in communication knows how much this job has changed and continues to change – said Tortelli, Master’s Coordinator – an agency today must have a structure, flows, professional figures that are very different from a few years ago. Even if some definitions have remained unchanged, the content they describe has changed radically. Today’s copywriter deals with writing, just as in the past, but in a totally different way, by means and vectors that until recently didn’t exist. What companies are asking agencies, as well as the nature of the work itself, has changed drastically. The topics of the course are based on the most recent experience of those who work in an agency, and derive from the current and concrete demands of customers. That means students will have the opportunity to combine theoretical learning with the application of the briefs of real companies, building the greatest possible awareness of what the business environment requires today and reordering the various disciplines, so hard to classify, and providing guidance tools not confined by the dynamics of individual media or communications channels.”